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Yesterday when I logged on to check out the Daily Mail online, I came across a photo of Carol Vorderman. She has always struck me as a rather smart and intelligent woman, but what has she done to herself? She appears to have had a major amount of serious plastic surgery. To be honest, she looked a complete mess. I shared her image with my London escorts friends and I think that many of them were just as horrified.

Do London escorts have plastic surgery? Yes, I know of London escorts who have had surgery. Some of them do look okay but an equal amount of them have regretted having surgery. I really don't think that we need to have surgery to feel good about ourselves. As a matter of fact, I know a couple of charlotte London escorts who feel bad about themselves after having had plastic surgery. They think that they have damaged their skin and wish they had never had surgery.

Any kind of surgery is serious and can damage your skin. The London escorts who have had plastic surgery do not only talk about the physical impact plastic surgery can have on your life. Many of the girls at London escorts with plastic surgery also talk about how it has affected mentally. Don't assume that having plastic surgery will make you feel good about yourself. Sadly the truth is that having plastic surgery can have the opposite effect on your mental health.

One of the girls at our London escorts agency who started out by having a small nip and tuck, soon became addicted. Before she knew it, she was having her boobs and bum done. Within a couple of months she started to look like a caricature of herself. She became superconscious of her looks and realised that she may have taken things a little bit too far. Now, she has serious mental problems and does not like going out with the rest of the girls. She is not the only girl who has had a negative mental health reaction to plastic surgery. It is very common.

It goes to prove that plastic surgery may not always have a positive effect on your life. It can make you look strange and plastic. My friend says that she feels terrible about herself and almost gave up her London escorts job. I can understand how she feels and I wish there was some way in which I could help her. Along with many other London escorts, I would urge you to think twice before you go ahead and have any plastic surgery. It may sound great, but don't forget that you are being subjected to a massive sales pitch. The truth is that plastic surgery can have both negative physical and mental health effects on your life. You should weigh up the pros and cons carefully before you go under the knife or have any other work done. Once you have had something done, it is often too late.