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Four Sex Taboos

Being kinky is not uncommon these days. However, it was kept in the dark corners for a while since people were scared of admitting their sexual fetishes. But, in recent years, especially after the release of Fifty Shades of Grey, individuals are now being more vocal about what turns them on/off.
While there are many sex taboos, be reminded that nobody should judge what another person is doing in bed. Therefore, whatever your fantasies are, you should feel free exploring them without guilt. That said, here are four sex taboos that we think people should be over them by now.

1. Anal

For some reason, this is still considered a taboo. Sure, some people may find it uncomfortable having something in their butt, but those who don’t mind this shouldn’t be judged. Anal sex is considered dirty, slutty, and painful. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Plus, if done wrongly, you’ll have a bad first experience. But, many people both men and women find it enjoyable. Therefore, if you’re into anal sex, many escorts are willing to go down with you.

2. Body Hair

Women shave their body hair regularly because sexy, according to society means having a hairless private part. But, hair in your pubic area is something that you should get comfortable with especially in matters of sex. With work and a busy lifestyle, shaving doesn’t top a woman’s priory list. While society is more accepting of girls who’ve shaved, it’s essential to note that the constant feeling of pressure to be smooth is a taboo. Shaving should be voluntary and not a rule for everyone.

3. Period Sex

Your period is not gross or embarrassing, even though our patriarchal system taught us that. A woman will shed every month for the most part of their lives. So, she and her partner should accept that. But more importantly, society needs to learn that period sex is okay. Well, not everyone gets disgusted at the sight of blood. Therefore if you’re feeling horny and you’re partner doesn’t mind sex on the red then don’t allow your period to be a sexual barrier.

4. Having Several Multiple Partners

Many people strongly believe that sex should be exclusively between two people. But, this isn’t for everyone, especially individuals who are in a less committed relationship. It is normal for someone to have sex with different people in the same week or month. Unfortunately, this is usually misinterpreted especially for women. If a lady sleeps with multiple partners, society terms her as “loose.” But, if it involves two or more consenting adults, then they should be allowed to do as per their wants.

These taboos we’ve talked about above are not uncommon. They’re in the dark because society has chosen to keep them there. But, we can be more open-minded and non-judgmental. This way, individuals will be more accepting of who they are and what they love.

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